Is it possible to grow during the lockdown? Ummm-YES!! Here’s how:

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Did you know that it is natural for us as human beings to grow and actually seek growth? Yes, it is natural to want more and be more, so why doesn’t everyone just do it? False limiting beliefs. Since this is only a blog and not a Telenovela series, I’ll just hit on some basics here.

Many people, the majority actually, make decisions about their lives based on false limiting beliefs that they ingested during childhood, family “traditions”, or people in their immediate environment. The list goes on, but you get the general idea here.

It is never too late to grow. It is one of nature’s laws, the only obstacle in your way is your mind set. Growth comes from thoughts, positive goal-oriented thoughts. These are not the “goals” that your high school guidance counselor spoke about (while you were holding back a severe eye roll..). First and foremost, you must identify your “WHY”, this is your goal, this is who deep down in your heart you want to be. It’s there, you may just need to clear the trash that has piled on top of it.

I know, one man’s trash is another’s treasures. I’m calling bullsh*t on this one, trash on your true identity must be removed or you will not grow. Let’s identify some of these so called treasures, “this is how our family has done things for decades”, “I have really bad luck”, “I had a bad childhood”, “if you’re not a lawyer, doctor or an engineer you can never be successful” (really?? yes, there is an entire culture that spews that one out!). Side note: I have total respect for all three of the above mentioned professions, the ones that succeed had a calling to do it and that’s great!

These beliefs stack up like old newspapers. Step 1, let them go now, take out the stinkin’ trash. Here’s a bonus: Once you get into the habit of trash removal, it never stacks up again! Step 2, identify who you really want to be. Look yourself in the mirror, try on that “old” identity, is it comfortably familiar? If you answer yes to that question, you are suppressing the person that you instinctually want to be. You’re ‘scared’, you’re uncertain, you need a ‘definite plan’, you want a ‘guarantee’, guess what, right now deep down inside you are authentically miserable too! Think about what you REALLY want, thinking causes growth. (feel free to re-read that statement daily, it’s that important)

Ok, I do promise to deliver positivity, so here we go. Step 3, take 3 action steps daily towards who you really want to be. Important to keep in mind, you do NOT need a definite plan, what you need is a ‘definite’ landing spot. Yes, you are going to wing it! By “winging it”, I mean that you are going to start flying towards your goal. You find answers and tools along the way. Ask any entrepreneur, they start with an idea, take action in that direction, and make corrections along the way.

Step 4, making corrections along the way. Get the word ‘mistake’ out of your vocabulary and replace it with ‘learning experience’. When you were learning to walk, you fell on your ass hundreds of times but you got up with the same enthusiasm, with a sore ass and busted through! Don’t beat yourself up when something doesn’t work the first time, keep trying the answer already exists.

Step 5, get used to being uncomfortable. Successful people make a habit out of doing little things daily that most people do not want to do. (Hint: make new habits, everything you are currently doing is a habit.) While in lockdown, it’s actually a great time to observe your habits that are not serving you well. You need to embrace your new identity and start ‘acting’ like the new YOU ( which is technically the REAL you). You were in a mental lockdown long before we were physically in a lockdown…just sayin’.

To amplify your growth, take an hour every morning and do some reading on personal growth, watch some YouTube videos from Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor, etc… Pick one that resonates with you and stay with it. The repetition will help you build back the trust and faith that you had in yourself when you were a toddler. Organize your mind and keep it in order by writing down your 3 action steps the night before, it takes 21 days to replace an old habit with a new one.

Pro-Tip: Try an immersion course like Tony Robbin’s UPW (Unleash The Power Within). It’s only 3 1/2 days of your life, it’s virtual… yes, you can do it in your living room! This will give you a huge jumpstart if that’s what you need. ( I can recommend other courses if this is not right for you.)

Patty-Ism: Progress, success, and happiness can emerge from lockdown just as butterflies emerge from cocoons.

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