How do I answer “What do I want?” and “Who am I?” …..

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Those who are self-educated or coached in personal development should easily answer these questions.  How about those just beginning to want more and be more but need help starting?

First, fear not, you are not alone and many are under the assumption that these answers elude them. What you want and who you are is your own truth and it is already within you. You just need to become aware of them.  External forces and influences have either buried or hidden the answers from you.

Let’s start with “who am I”. (HINT:  what you do to earn income is not the answer, unless you are already living with heightened awareness and are following your true desires).  Try this exercise to start to unveil your true self.

  1. If I had all of my bills and expenses covered, I would spend my time with _______, doing_________.  My perfect day from morning to night looks like this_________________.
  2. If I had free time, after my work day is done,  I would ___________________. Ex: study Italian, play piano, learn to sail, travel, volunteer

For “what do I want”

  1. What things excite you?  (Material things can go here… Mercedes, private jet, new wardrobe, new house, vacation home.)
  2. More free time with ______________________ .

Important while doing these exercises, write down immediately what comes to mind, this comes from your intuition.  If you hesitate, you are letting your “historical” memory dictate your future.  That is not your truth.  Do not fall into a feeling of lack of self-worth or tell yourself you don’t “deserve” these things in life.Any negative thoughts that pop up here are false and come from external influences.

Swat them away like flies! Your “gut”, aka your intuition is now in charge.

Recognizing your true identity frees you up from the opinions of all others, including family.  Many adults have self-worthiness issues because of ‘family history’.  Sometimes generations upon generations just accept these marching orders and spend their entire life in a self-imposed jail.

Be brave and break the mold, don’t be complicit out of fear.  Your family will still love you and likely copy your bold moves! Give yourself a purpose and everyone around you will grow too, you won’t even have to ask. 

Remember that we all want to grow, we all want more.  Anything or anyone that stops growing actually stops living.

You don’t want to just “exist”, that does not sound exciting at all!

Pattyism:  Your jail has only one guard, it’s you, and you need to fire yourself from that gig immediately!

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