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What’s your current process?….

Let’s start by defining the true art of decision making. A decision must be backed by commitment and cutting yourself off from any other possibility.

Making a decision is answering a question. If your “go to” answer is “what do you think I should do?” or “could I, would I, should I” you have already avoided answering. Limiting beliefs prevent people from making a decision and having it stick. Remember that just because you believe something, that does not make it true. Conflict and confusion follows after lack of decision making. Making decisions actually brings order to your mind.

In order to make decisions, you need to ask yourself:

  • Do I want to be this? Do I want to do this? Do I want have this?
  • Will being, doing or having this move me in the direction of what I want?
  • Am I violating anyone by doing this?

Once you’ve honestly answered those questions, you’re ready to begin the commitment process. Instead of coming up with a list of “why I can’t”, focus on a list of “how I will”. Now if you want to brainstorm or research, you must keep your focus on “how I will” and immediately dismiss all thoughts of “why I can’t”.

Make an action list out of your “how I will list”. If you exhaust those, you don’t quit! An answer always exists, you just need to become aware of it.

Here’s the cool part, once you make a decision, you immediately go to a new frequency of thought and become open to fresh thoughts and ideas. Start taking action even though you don’t know all of the steps. Your intuition will guide you to the next action. Always keep your target or landing space in mind and you will act instinctively.

If you are in the habit of procrastinating while polling everyone you know, going into analysis paralysis, committing acts of shiny object syndrome, etc., you are probably in a state of confusion and conflict.

Trust yourself, be courageous enough to take action. All successful people have perfected this skill. They make decisions and commit. You too are successful, all you need to do is decide for yourself and things will change.

Pattyism: Decisions end up in your calendar and in your results column!

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