Who are your “trusted” advisors?

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This blog was inspired by some interesting dialogue that I witnessed today. A fellow investor was seeking advice about a new hire and one of the members went off on how many ways he could get sued, by hiring an acquisitions manager. I’ll spare you the details, it’s the 30,000 foot perspective that I’m sharing here.

If we are taking a flight, do we want a scared or negative pilot? If we need a doctor, do we pick one that looks nervous or unconfident? Of course not.

In our every day lives, when speaking to our inner circle or colleagues, do you ever step back and think “wow, that was kind of negative” or notice a pattern of “fear mongering”? People who operate in a fearful mindset will do their best to enlist you, even under the pretense of helping you or advising you. Warning: these can be people very close to you!

Here is how energy works, you can choose to accept the fear vibe and be infected with it, OR you can choose to repel it. You don’t have to get into a confrontation, just mentally reject it. Try asking the same question to a person with a confident, positive attitude. Their advice will be solution-oriented, not fear-oriented. Need a little more insurance? Ask someone who is experienced or successful at the subject matter. Success leaves clues.

Try taking inventory of your current go-to’s and check for fear-mongering. You have to be honest with yourself. Even if it’s from the person you love most, you are not doing anyone any favors by indulging in the negative energy. Instead, build up your own positivity, just like negativity, it too is infectious.

Practice letting go of the bad stuff and seeking the good stuff. Leave ego, people pleasing, etc out of your decision. You can still be gracious, have immense gratitude, and spread positivity.

Pattyism: Don’t leave your “energy door” wide open, leave the fear outside and let in the positivity!

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