7 Common Self-Sabotage Patterns

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There is power in awareness. If one or more of the patterns listed describes how you feel about yourself, you are not alone.

These patterns are established in childhood and then become entrained as part of your identity. Here’s the good news, we all have the ability to neutralize these patterns and “re-code” our identities.

These patterns invite negative traits like procrastination, indecision, and denial to the party. In order to eliminate these traits, you need to peel back the layers which takes time and patience.

Your body has become addicted to these limiting beliefs, so you need to re-install positive traits once you get yourself in neutral.

Introducing change immediately feels uncomfortable, you’re going up against an established pattern. There is nothing to fear, push through the uncomfortable feelings to reap the benefits.

Keep in mind that in order for things to change, you need to “swap” an existing habit for a new one. It can feel messy, or like things are falling apart. The “mess” is part of the process.

It takes 66 days for a new habit to take hold and become “automatic”.

Here’s an example:

For years I said to myself, “I’m not a morning person.” That statement led to stressful behavior that included procrastination followed by frenzy to complete tasks. I had this habit perfected! If I had to catch a morning flight, procrastination ruled. This led to anxious packing, being nervous about Uber being 4 minutes late, and wondering how long the security line could be at the airport. I’m tired just re-living it here.

The worst part of this behavior is that I defended it, made excuses, rationalized it, etc. You can’t ride the procrastination merry-go-round forever.

Eventually, a little voice in me wondered why I was working so hard to defend this unproductive behavior. I like productivity!

This awareness led me to study personal development and superconscious re-coding.

These days I am up at 5am without an alarm clock. I have hours in the morning to write by candle lite, watch the sunrise, sip coffee and plan my day.

I will never surrender the peaceful feeling of morning again. The busy, frantic mind is now calm, focused and peaceful.

While this may not be your choice of a new habit, that’s ok. Pick something easy and put it to the test. Perhaps no sugar for 66 days, reading interesting books, walking, yoga.

Remember that the first thing you will feel in uncomfortable and there will be days when the old habit will be screaming at you not to do it. Push through, log your 66 days and claim victory.

Pattyism: Uncomfortable means you are trashing a behavior that does not serve you for something better.

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