You’re not broken

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Have you spent months, possibly years in the personal development world thinking that if you “fix” yourself, you’ll have a better life? What if there was a completely different perspective and solution to you manifesting the life that you want and deserve?

Enter Superconscious re-coding. This does not have anything to do with spaceships or the planet Mars, I promise.

The original concept of healing the mind using the subconscious was fine tuned by Dr. Garry Flint, author of “Healing Your Mind and Soul” and “Theory and Treatment of Your Personality: A Manual for Change”. Neither is an “easy” read, but both are extremely informative with self-study and application tips.

One of Dr. Flint’s mentees, Colette Streicher (founder of the MAP Coaching Institute), carried on with Dr. Flint’s healing treatments and went a step further. She now trains coaches to heal using these methods. It is Colette who coined the phrase “superconscious” because when she saw the results from these sessions, she felt it more appropriate to acknowledge the super power of the mind.

I recently completed a 5 day challenge, that included re-coding and I’ve changed my whole outlook on manifestation . I no longer have anxiety about “avoiding” negative situations. The result is that I live each day and make decisions from a peaceful and grateful mindset. I want to add that was a quick transformation. When do you hear the word “quick” in personal development? You have nothing to lose, the content has been graciously delivered free. You have your desired life to gain!

Chris Duncan, founder of Magnetic Mind TV, has made master classes available on this subject as well. You can comment below if you want additional information on mentors who teach this treatment method.

If you have been struggling to manifest, or move ahead only to be pulled back despite your greatest efforts, consider that you can uncover your blocks and “re-code” your mind. It is not hypnosis, you are in complete control the whole time.

The most amazing effect of re-coding is that you feel a difference right away. You feel less negative emotion.

For those of you who are personal development coaches and mentors, there are various certification programs so that you can learn how to really help your clients.

As an individual looking for change and successful manifestation, this healing method has dramatic results. If you are a coach committed to helping as many people as possible, as am I, this is a modern breakthrough in treatment. You no longer have to fix your clients, you help them remove obstacles for a clear path!

Pattyism: You’re not broken so don’t fix yourself, be a Superconscious creator.

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