Unstuck! How to get out of your own way

  • Video instruction and slides included, study and review at your own pace
  • How to set attainable goals
  • Overcome obstacles
  • Time hacks
  • Identity and Self-Worth
  • Decision making
  • Forming new productive habits
  • Build a business, fundamentals
  • All questions answered

Personal Development Coaching/ Mentoring

  • Identify Limiting Beliefs and Conquer Fear
  • How to get Unstuck
  • Manage Your Actions, Not Your Time
  • Self Worth: Learn To Tune Out Negativity and Tune Into YOU!
  • Step by Step Guide for New Business Owners
  • Using Perspective as a tool
  • Personalized Action Plan at the end of each session
  • Full support and feedback
  • Group Sessions or Private Sessions Available

Private 1-on-1 mentoring $175 per hour

Group Zoom with personal action plan created $100 per hour


*all sessions are 1 hour, contact us for individual session information

My Story…..

Several years ago, I suddenly found myself unemployed after spending years in an industry. All of a sudden, colleagues either disappeared completely or were at best having only awkward communications. It was like falling off the earth.

The worst part was that nothing bad happened, I was at a company that was downsizing and the owner was relocating to another city. As you can imagine, I got into my own head and started questioning… did all of my work, efforts, and network evaporate over night.

The answer was yes. The next question was, “what will I do now!” Reality hit and I knew that I had to re-invent myself and do it alone. Well, I was totally wrong about the “alone” assumption, but essentially, I found out who I really am.

When you figure out who you really are, and only work at things you really love, the only way to go is up! I’ve done it, and now have multiple sources of income, freedom and happiness.

My coaching and mentoring will help you identify who you really are, and make permanent positive changes in your life. You are not alone, and I’ll teach you how to
build a supportive team around you.

I hope you are enjoying my blog, Pattyisms!


Patty McGuire